8 Mistakes On Your Website
And How To Correct Them

Do you love your website? No website is perfect but your answer should be yes. If it’s NOT- most likely it is not doing its job.
The digital world is constantly changing and you’re probably focused on your business. You need a website that works for you by establishing your credibility, promoting your distinct messaging, and creating loyal customers.

Just imagine how much more impact your website could have after you fix the 8 Mistakes On Your Website. I hope this can help you identify what is missing and give you the best way to fix it, so you can get back to focusing your business.

1. Your website is not attracting the right customers

If you’re not getting inquiries from your ideal client type you are probably not positioning your business correctly. When you have a website that is focused on your business goals, you’ll attract the right audience, it will showcase your expertise, and convert your audience into loyal customers.

Solution: A website design that is strategic to your business goals.

2. Your website doesn’t reflect your brand

Your website is your virtual storefront promoting you 24/7 to the digital world. It must reflect your brand so that you attract the type of customers you want to work with.

“Your Brand Is Not Just A Logo”

Your brand should create:

  • an emotional connection with potential customers
  • showcase how you can help them best
  • establish a clear differentiation between you and your competitors

Solution: A cohesive brand across all platforms – digital and print.

3. Your site is not mobile-friendly (responsive design)

Believe it or not, there are still websites that are not mobile-friendly or don’t adapt to screen size as seamlessly as they could. The internet world is constantly changing and evolving. Websites built two or more years ago are likely far behind in looks and functionality. Remember, more than 60% of web traffic is via mobile devices. Review your site on your mobile device. Make sure it looks as good on your phone as it does in your desktop browser. This could be a user’s first impression of your business. Be sure it is an inviting one, not a frustrating one!

Solution: If it’s been a while since you’ve had your site built, it’s time to start looking for a web designer.

4. Your website loads slowly

This can happen as a result of large image files, multiple page redirects, an outdated theme, or poor hosting. If your site takes more than 5 seconds to load, prospective customers have already clicked away. Modern code allows pages to load faster and have a better user experience. If you’d like to know where your website stands, you can test how mobile-friendly your website is.

Solution: A new web design will be lighter, faster, mobile-friendly, and user-friendly than a website designed only a couple of years ago.

5. Business contact information or pricing is not listed

Having visible contact info and regularly updated social media platforms gives your visitors an immediate element of trust. Also, not listing pricing can drive your visitors to a competitors page who has transparent pricing.

Solution: List your contact information, testimonials, and if your product allows – pricing.

6. Your website is not secure

Verify that your site has an SSL certificate. (If your website is secure the browser will start with https://yourwebsite.com.) This certifies that your website has a secure connection with your viewer. A Site Security Certificate establishes trust and builds brand power, provides encryption of sensitive information, and provides authentication. Non HTTPS websites are at risk of lost search rankings and overall, less traffic.

Solution: Add a SSL certificate on your website.

7. Your website doesn’t have a blog

A blog can be a powerful marketing tool to drive traffic to your site. Search engines love content that is quality, fresh, and consistent. Over time this can help increase your ranking. Blogs also answer common questions visitors may be searching for. If they get the answers from your business, they will be more likely to come into the sales process trusting what your business offers.

Solution: Consider adding a blog to your website to increase your website visibility.

8. No clear call-to-action or no “flow” throughout your website

If your CTA’s aren’t above the fold & flow throughout your website, how will your visitors know what to do next? This is not the place for subtlety, confusion will make them click away…

Solution: Having clear navigation and using internal links, where appropriate, make pages easier to find.

Your site has an important job and should be working hard for your business. It needs to establish your credibility, promote your distinct messaging, and get your customers to act!

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