Brand+ Logo Design

Branding and design that visually embody all that your business represents.

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Does your small business branding speak to your ideal audience?

I create custom design packages specific to each small business client. Whether you are just starting out or already have a brand direction, your designs should reflect your business values and vision.

I build brands to tell your business story. With marketing that showcases all that makes it unique so your visitors see what sets your business apart from your competition.

Ready to create a cohesive online presence?

To begin establishing a recognizable brand and website, most business owners I work with start with

  • Brand Discovery + Strategy
    • In-depth Brand Discovery Questionnaire to understand your style, your ideal client, business goals, and photography needs. 
    • Strategy Consultation to create a strategy to define your brand + marketing goals.
  • Custom Small Business Brand & Identity Starter Kit including:
    • Custom logo design
    • Alternate logo versions
    • Custom Brandmark
    • Color palette
    • Secondary Color Palette – for web design
    • Typography selections
    • Brand Style Guidelines
  • Select Brand Marketing Designs: marketing pieces that will visually connect with your ideal audience
    • One or two-sided business card design
    • One gift card or thank you card design
  • Social Media Kit:
    • Facebook & Twitter Cover with logo profile design
    • Instagram template design to keep your social media presence looking cohesive.

My clients call this branding experience “On Point”, “Much More than Expected”, “Top Shelf” & “So Easy”.

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Custom Brand and Logo Packages Starting at $837.00