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Brand and Strategy

The first step in launching or relaunching your brand is discovery and strategy. I help you define your brand and marketing goals with an in-depth questionnaire and then create our strategy based on your responses. Knowing exactly who your business is building a brand to attract, makes every step of the design process more straightforward.

It’s my goal to help you understand your brand on a deeper level and help you get confident about it along the way.

Graphic & logo Design

This is the step where your brand transformation begins! I create your cohesive brand identity items to show your work expertise and build recognition, loyalty, and trust with your audience.

Each brand identity system differs depending on the needs of the business, but most of my clients need:

  • a logo & a submark
  • color scheme
  • typography (font)
  • imagery
  • icons
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Print Design

Does your visual brand extend to your printed pieces? This can include

  • business cards
  • presentation templates
  • custom stationery
  • posters/signage
  • postcards and advertisements
  • branded freebies
  • brochures
  • banners
  • pricing guides
  • thank you cards

Everything you send out should be uniquely your brand, each item is an opportunity to continue the conversation with your future and current clients.

Digital Design

Your business’s visual designs are the key to drawing people in and getting them excited about what you have to offer. Your cover images on Facebook and Twitter help people decide whether they want to follow you. I design each of my clients' cohesive social media graphics, banners, cover images, and post templates.

Your logo will be built on with supporting designs that can be applied across multiple platforms, such as:

  • website
  • social media
  • marketing items
  • product packaging
  • apparel
  • branded freebies
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Design Retainers

Custom to your business needs. Contact me today to create yours!