Strategic Branding of Your Small Business

Strategic Branding: Why and How

Branding is more than just your logo and color palette. It includes your mission, values, voice, and your ideal client – who you have the right solution for. If you take the time to plan your brand well, it will visually embody the ideals that make up your business.

Even when you aren’t able to put it into words, if your designer asks the right questions,  he/she can pinpoint your unique brand.  As a small business, you need your brand to visually embody everything your business represents and attract the right audience to help your business grow.

Your business brand includes things like your:

  • mission
  • values
  • voice
  • your ideal client type
  • your brand experience

Once all of the brand decisions have been finalized, the brand identity items (like your logo & colors) will begin to fall into place. The vital components that make your business unique should be incorporated into the custom visual designs of your brand’s identity. Your logo, colors, fonts, graphics, imagery, (and even the tone & phrases) to use in website copy and in social captions.

“A brand isn’t just a thing companies have. A brand gives customers a reason to choose you.” David Brier

Want to learn more about how to plan your business brand even if you don’t know where to start?

What Is A Brand Identity?

strategic brand guideline

Your business brand identity includes items like your logo, brandmark, typography (font), colors, and imagery. These items create visuals that will resonate with your ideal client.

The logo is the foundation of your brand’s visual language. After your logo is created and finalized, your brand identity will be built out with supporting designs that can be applied across any platform – like the website, your social media, print items, online ads, product packaging, apparel, and anything else you desire.

From your marketing materials to the tone you use in your social media posts, your branding strategy needs to be well-thought-out and designed to reflect the core of your business vision.

When your foundations are uniquely your business, your audience can’t help but be attracted to it. 

People will notice.