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What Do Your Brand And Website Say About Your Business?

Are you overwhelmed with the technology involved in your business, not sure where to start, what direction to take, or where to put your focus?

Need a brand design, brand photography, website design, print, or digital marketing?

Hi! I’m Adrianne and I began Scalera Design Studio, located in North Canton, Ohio to develop brands + websites designed to focus on your business goals and display your expertise so you attract the right audience and can convert them into loyal customers.


feel confident that your brand and imagery were MORE than just eye-catching and you controlled the story they convey.


connects and welcomes your ideal clients with your distinct message and cohesive brand across all your marketing channels.


establish credibility in your industry so you can focus on what is truly important to you – the work that you do and the value you provide.

I am NOT your average logo designer.

I am collaborative, strategic, and here to help your brand stand out.

After years of working with clients in different niches and with different problems to solve, I excel at streamlining and simplifying your brand, so you can get back to business.

We won’t begin designing until we are crystal clear on your brand.
This will consist of understanding

what you do
why you do it
how you do it
how you want your audience to feel about it

USE THIS Photo for Website (15 × 17
My clients call this branding experience “On Point”, “Much More than Expected”, “Top Shelf” & “So Easy”.


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I build brands to tell your business story. With marketing to showcase all that makes it unique, so your visitors see what sets your business apart from your competition. Which is a great way to make a first impression.

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